Breed Specific Stubbornness

Does your dog suffer with Stubbornness? Yes? Well, actually, you may want to re-think that. It’s high time we stop using the word Stubborn when referring to dogs, of course some breeds really are harder to motivate and are more independent, however, it¬†implies they know what you want them to do and are choosing not to. Which, of course wouldn’t happen with proper training (proper reinforcement, rate of reinforcement, etc.)

Challenging to Motivate does not and will never equal stubborn.

“My dog is just Stubborn”

“It’s in their breed standard to be stubborn!”

“It’s a breed thing”

Excuse, Excuse, Excuse. Training a dog is hard, whether you like it or not. Some are easier than others. A Malinois is easier to train than a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, for example. A lot of dogs are classed as Stubborn *Cough*Shiba*Cough* but really? Their owners have just never found the right motivator. Often people will say “My dog won’t work for toys or treats though!” Well, do you know what? There is a lot more reinforcing things out there. I know a dog who will only work for scritches behind the ear and one that will only work for a joyful happy go lucky squeal.

Stubbornness is not a thing in canines. Or at least, not as common as we make it out to be.

Lack of Training, Lack of Reinforcement, Lack of Enjoyment, Laziness… Now those are real ¬†common things!


(Used with Permission from @Mountain_Mutt! Thank you for allowing me to use this! [This picture in no way, shape or form is mine. This dog is in no way, shape or form mine.])