APBT – Breed Information.

I have been imming and arring over doing this for a long time. It’s a topic that is very close to my heart, but that can also make a lot of people angry, aggressive or spiral into a state of denial, now, if you don’t know what I mean by now – I mean the truth about American Pit Bull Terriers.

APBT are one of my favourite breeds of dog. They are banned in my country due to what is known as Misrepresentation. Now, many people will automatically think “OMG. No, it’s because of BSL!” but, if misrepresentation had not have happened, we would not have BSL, or, we would, but it wouldn’t be this bad.

Now, a Basic History of why BSL targets Pit Bulls:

A Pit Bull killed someone -> Media calls it out as a Pit Bull -> A Pit Bull mix hurts someone/kills someone -> Media calls pure Pit Bull -> Bull Breed mix that looks like Pit hurts someone/kills someone -> Media calls Pit Bull -> Every bull breed is now gathered under a type known as “Pit Bull Type.

SOOOO, yes, BSL’s primary fuel is Misrepresentation.

Now, this is what people would deem a Pit Bull:


Why would they? Because of misrepresentation. Any bully breed or mix of such dogs are claimed to be “Pit Bulls” because of the media and because bully breed’s look similar to each other. Now, all humans make mistakes, but this mistake has cause this breed, that is now deemed a type to be banned in many countries and to the extent that the government in our country are putting down Staffordshire Bull Terriers while calling them Pit Bulls.

Now, Pit Bull didn’t used to be a type and it still isn’t. That dog you got from the shelter that you call a Pibble on a daily basis? It’s a Bull Breed Mutt (BBM)… by calling it a “pibble” you are fueling BSL. The “End BSL Pit Bull Ambassadors” are making it worse too.

Unless you know the bloodlines your dog came from (Blue Nose is not a Bloodline, nor a type, nor a breed. It is the colour of a dogs nose) you do not have a Pit or a pit mix.

So, you guys want to know what true Pit Bulls look like, right? Here;


Lilbit is my favourite APBT.


SK Mayday is another of my faves.


Colby Pincher is another fine example of an APBT.


See how they vary in appearance? Just because your dog looks like these dogs does not mean it is that dog, descended from that dog, or that breed. It’s like calling every black dog you see a Labrador, even though it isn’t.


Now, I understand this is a lot to take in, but, I am going to be completely honest and not hold back with this:

  1. True APBT are Genetically dog aggressive, it is not “All in how you raise them”, now, there are instances of non-dog aggressive Pedigree APBT, but they are the minority. Even though they are no longer bred to fight other dogs they still retain the gameness from those times.
  2. Pit Fighters did not cull all the human aggressive dogs. Dog fighting was a money maker. One of the greatest fighting dogs in history killed his owners Nephew. [APBT people will know the dog I am on about]. Was he culled? Nope. At least not as far as I can find out.
  3. They are not Nanny Dogs, those were Staffordshire Bull Terriers.


Pit bulls are not sunshines and daisy chains. They are working dogs, created for dog fighting. Done, Dusted, and Explained. Now, enjoy pictures of APBT.