Doberman Extinction.

Trigger Warning: Doberman Dies whilst happily and healthily playing fetch.


It is time Doberman breeders realise there is an issue with their breed. Doberman are facing extinction.

All Doberman lines around the world have DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy). People are watching 3 year old dogs die of it suddenly.

People are moving away from the breed and not wanting to own them because of their health issues.


And what are most breeders doing about it? Well, there are 3 types of Doberman Breeders in the Modern Era.

  1. They sit back and claim DCM isn’t common and has just been hyped up. [x]
  2. The ones that believe they can sort DCM out within the breed despite all lines having DCM and attack those that suggest otherwise because they are obsessed with breed purity. [x]
  3. The ones who accept the Doberman’s issues, and are actively trying to help the Doberman despite the backlash, attacks and hatred via outcrossing. []

Breeder groups 1 & 2 are the most common and the most dangerous. They are the ones that will kill this breed.


Breeder Group 3! They will be saving this breed, or even trying to recreate it, their way of combating the Issue is by outcrossing, there are several Doberman Outcross groups on Facebook, but even these groups have the people from Breeder Group 2 in them.

“The Finnish Dobermann Club asked if outcross should be considered to save the breed; Pezzano replied those who are not experts are not supposed to speak about that and they both said outcross is not an option.” Now, many won’t know who Pezzano is. He and Wiblishauser are the “Bosses” so to speak of IDC (International Doberman Club)


Now, this speech he did on the possibility of an Outcross is avalible.

Here (Original, not English)

Here (Translated into English)

So, the IDC, is from Breeder Group 2 unfortunately, so, what is the next step forward?


Well, no one knows, but the Outcrossers are not giving up! Aside from that, the fate of the Doberman quite literally hangs by a balancing thread.



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